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Forget Me Not

Add these tips to your checklist to make sure your move is as easy as possible.

  1. Pack all boxes until they are full. Boxes that are sealed after only being half-filled, don’t have the structural support to withstand any weight. When half-filled boxes are stacked, often times they are crushed.

  2. Have a clear walking path from the exit to all rooms with items or boxes that need to be moved.

  3. Check your patio! Probably 80% of the time, we get to the patio, where there is a grill, items stored in a closet, chairs, etc. that they completed forgot to pack or factor into their move.

  4. Remember to transport your gas/ propane tanks, and transport lawnmowers containing fuel to your new home prior to moving day.

  5. Much like the patio, don't forget to really check basements and attics. As rooms we don't often use, things are often lost or forgotten until moving day, so save yourself a lot of time and stress by checking these storage areas early!

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