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First Day Essentials

It's easy to forget the basics during all the craziness of moving day. Consider setting these items aside, to help your move go smoothly:

  1. Toothbrush, toothpaste, and other toiletries & feminine products. One sure fire way to make day one suck is not having the ability to freshen up after all that hard work

  2. Underwear, towel, change of clothes, work clothes for the next day. Likewise, clean clothing and linen may be pretty hard to come by in the jungle of boxes that is your new home.

  3. Laptop and cell phone chargers & WIFI access for bonus points. Laptop: Dead. WIFI: Not activated yet. Cell Phone: Dead. Is this the beginning of a scary movie!? No. It’s just day one at the new place if you don’t plan ahead.

  4. Box cutters/ scissors. Okay, so you have 41-100 boxes filled with homely goodies and taped to kingdom come for safety… So how are you going to get into them? Willpower? Nope. Pack the right tools on the day before.

  5. Lease paperwork, IDs/ whatever you need to transfer or connect utilities. Don’t be digging through boxes when Georgia Power requests a copy of your new lease.

  6. Prescription medications. Whether it’s your daughter’s albuterol inhaler, your son’s epipen, or your migraine relief pills, be prepared for anything on day one.

  7. Snacks & plastic ware. The pantry boxes are still packed up, who knows where the pots and pans are… There are leftovers in the fridge, with no microwave to heat them in. It’s a good thing you packed snacks!

  8. Pet food, for your four-legged family members. They are a major part of your family, so we saved the best for last. Be sure to thinking about snacks, toys, and food for pets. This is a stressful event for them, as well.

With these day one essentials, you won’t find yourself digging through mountains of boxes trying to solve a day one emergency!

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