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The Atlanta real estate market is saturated with professionals who claim to be the best at what they do. Searching for an agent can be a daunting task for a client in a city with a population of 472,522. So how are you going to stand out? What are you going to do to ensure your clients not only remember you, but recommend you?… again, and again, and again?

If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful." -Jeff Bezos, CEO

A realtor who comes prepared, not just to close on a home, or sign a new lease, but to see you and your family through the entire process of transitioning to a new home… is a realtor with excellent reviews! Your clients only hoped you’d find them the perfect home at great price. So imagine their amazement when you offer them door-to-door service from their previous chapter to their next! Show off by offering exclusive moving discounts to your brand new home owners, who have just made the largest purchase of their lives. Offer help to a young parent who just paid a large move-in deposit at their new apartment. When you’re prepared with gorgeous, branded, marketing material, your clients know that you’re serious about earning a perfect 5 star rating, and you better believe they’re going to tell their friends and family about you!

"Customer satisfaction is worthless. Customer loyalty is priceless." -Jeffrey Gitomer

You know the STEM elementary schools with the highest ratings, the neighborhoods with the lowest crime rate, and the walk score of any suburb, but you know what else you know? Atlanta! You know the best hangouts, the best restaurants, the best mechanics, and yes, the best mover. If you recommend a moving company that offers and amazing client experience, your clients will come back to you time and time again for your expertise in your local market. Not only do you become a permanent link in their network, but you become their go-to person for all things local. As their personal and professional networks grow, so will your leads, because people love working with professionals who are highly rated by their peers. Take the guess work out of their tough decision, and partner with a company that wants the same thing you want, to ensure our clients are taken care of efficiently, affordably, and with best-in-class customer service.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.” -Michael LeBoeuf, American Business Man

Makes Your Clients Happy

By entering into a mutually beneficial partnership with a 5-star rated mover, you have a unique opportunity to see your valued real estate clients through the full life cycle of their relocation. From thinking they’re ready to look, all the way until they lock the door behind us as we leave. When you take the time and care to see them through the complete moving process, your clients gain additional trust in you. This time, not just as their realtor−helping them to find a new home… But also as a friend. Have you ever given a friend a ride home, and then waited for them to enter their home, and close the door before driving away? This is really no different. Show them you care, by taking that last little step. Show them you care about their total client experience, and happiness by building a relationship with one moving company. Learn the way that moving company communicates, interacts with customers, and conducts business in general. Get very knowledgeable and comfortable with one, so that you can guarantee an excellent moving service experience. Your clients will never work with anyone else.

Just one great partnership with the right person can have an incredible impact on your business success. -Janine Ogg and Jo Foster, Mompreneurs

Make the Right Choice

It is imperative that you select the right mover, because their service will reflect on you to some degree. Whether they offer excellent customer service, or the worst experience a customer can ever have, those clients will think of you. So when searching for a moving partner, check the moving company website. If they didn’t take the time and resources to invest in a clean, responsive, branded website for their own company, what are the odds that they will invest in your client? Look for verified profile reviews, that aren’t all posted in one day with large gaps in between reviews (this can indicate a fake review campaign). When you find a company you feel comfortable enough to try, consider moving with them yourself. When your lease ends, or you close on your own new home, take your top choice for a test drive, so you’ll see first-hand the kind of service all your future clients will receive at a discounted rate.

Metro Moving Company offers a 20% discount (that’s our biggest discount ever) to all licensed Greater Atlanta real estate agents who are interested in finding a moving partner, and want to book with us for a trial move. You will walk away feeling 100 percent satisfied and certain that a partnership with Metro Moving Company is the best thing you can do for your personal brand as an Atlanta real estate professional. Want to offer door to door customer service excellence by partnering with a local moving brand to whom reputation and customer satisfaction is top priority, let us know you’re interested.

Jullina Wilkins

Co-Owner, CEO

Metro Moving Company

Atlanta, GA

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Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Just a few weeks ago, I was out running errands on a particularly hot Atlanta day. I mean hhhawwwwt! The kind of day where you run the AC in the car for a minute before you strap the kids into their car seats. My 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son were in the back seat annoying each other like siblings do, while I cruised along Highway 316. Suddenly, my old Mercedes started shaking violently, and then slowed to an eventual stop. My eyes darted back and forth between the traffic in my rear view and the scared look on my children's faces while I pulled the stiff wheel to the right out of harm's way. I reassured them that everything was going to be okay, but I was not excited when the AC (and everything else) powered off. My cell phone was on 2%, just my luck... There wasn't even enough battery to explain where I was... It was nearly 30 minutes before a good Samaritan pulled over and gave me a jump. The nearest shop was a few minutes away, and he followed me there to make sure we made it. I thanked him sincerely, and he was on his way.

338 Hurricane Shoals RD NE Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Harold's Automotive & Muffler Shop on Hurricane Shoals Road in Lawrenceville didn't look like much from the outside, but it felt like we'd waited hours to get there! Inside, I found a senior gentleman wearing a dark shirt and a baseball hat-Harold. He asked me how I was doing and how he could help. I explained my situation to him, while my kids whined about how hot and hungry and bored they were... Harold didn't miss a beat. He walked into his air conditioned office, and flipped the TV to a cartoon. "Come on in, kids," he said to them. "It's too hot out there." Their frowns turned to smiles and they I thanked him profusely before replacing the pulley on my car. The gentleman who had been changing another customer's oil had just finished up, walked over to me, and said, "Harold asked me to change your belt, he said, picking up the unopened box. I watched for 30 minutes in shock as these professionals took time out of their lives to help someone they had never met. I looked over at my kids laughing at the show they were watching and I thought "I hope that if they every found themselves in a spot as adults that they would run into the types of people who help others, even when they have nothing to gain from it.

Harold and I chatted briefly while the gentleman finished up. I told him I had recently started my own moving company after realize how much I loved it as my 9-5 job. He explained a similar story about his auto shop. He genuinely loves what he does, and he's managed to make an entire life of it. I was inspired and proud, and then I got a little sad to think here was this tiny, unassuming shop that many people probably drive by without a second thought... But in it was a man with a huge heart who is just as good if not better than any of the big franchise muffler shops.

I promised him then and there that I would give him a shout out on Facebook for his help. I decided I could do one better, and instead wrote this blog. There are good people in the world. In the world we live in today, it's so easy to focus on all the negative things we see. It's so easy to be utterly outraged, and perpetually angry at the things that happen in our society and around the world today. But also, it's important to remember, that people like Harold exist all around us. We may all look very different, but there are good people everywhere. We all need a little help sometimes, so be kind to one another. And if you're ever in the unique position to help someone when they need it, you should.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Harold's Automotive & Muffler Shop on Hurricane Shoals Road in Lawrenceville, and encourage my fellow ATLiens to support their small business.

Anthony Burnett

Co-Owner, COO

Metro Moving Company

Atlanta, GA

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