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Consider these simple reminders to make your move with a child as painless as possible:

Declutter & Donate

Moving is a great opportunity to donate and declutter. Have your little ones sort the toys they love from the toys they can live without. This not only gives you an opportunity to teach them about philanthropy, but it also ensures their favorite toys aren't forgotten or left behind.

Busy Bodies

Moving can take anywhere from several hours to all day, which requires patience, even for us adults. Stick their favorite toy in their backpack, or bring along a ball, bubbles, or other outdoor toy, so they can play safely out of the way of heavy lifting. Or if you have a little helper who prefers to participate, assign them simple cleanup tasks in the rooms where all the large items have already been removed.

Potty Dance

Nothing slows down any errand or activity like the dreaded toddler potty break. We're always on the highway or in the middle of a crowded airport terminal when the emergency pee-pee dance suddenly hits them... Consider planning restroom breaks just before getting on the road. For longer trips, be sure to take little one to the restroom during your gas station pit stops, especially if they say they don't have to go.

Save A Seat

It may sound silly, but parents are often so anxious to complete their move, they pile the car high with small boxes, and unpacked nicknacks... then when it's time to shuttle over to their new home, they realize the car seat is buried deep, and there's no space for the kids!

Are We There Yet?

Consider packing some books, sight words, a tablet, etc. in little one's bag. Anything that could keep them busy while you're following your navigation and focusing on the road.

Snack Attack

Don't pack the entire kitchen... Be sure to put a few non-perishable snacks in your little one's backpack to hold them over between meal times. And don't forget the water! It's hot out there this summer! Which brings us to our final tip...

Chill Out

With Atlanta summer days in the mid 90s like we have this year, the interior of your car can rise to 115° in just 10 minutes, and 130° in just 30 minutes! Be sure to check and pre-cool your vehicle, as well as your new home BEFORE allowing the little ones to enter. That way, you can be certain that they are safe and comfortable for your children in this intense Georgia heat.

Add these tips to your checklist to make sure your move is as easy as possible.

  1. Pack all boxes until they are full. Boxes that are sealed after only being half-filled, don’t have the structural support to withstand any weight. When half-filled boxes are stacked, often times they are crushed.

  2. Have a clear walking path from the exit to all rooms with items or boxes that need to be moved.

  3. Check your patio! Probably 80% of the time, we get to the patio, where there is a grill, items stored in a closet, chairs, etc. that they completed forgot to pack or factor into their move.

  4. Remember to transport your gas/ propane tanks, and transport lawnmowers containing fuel to your new home prior to moving day.

  5. Much like the patio, don't forget to really check basements and attics. As rooms we don't often use, things are often lost or forgotten until moving day, so save yourself a lot of time and stress by checking these storage areas early!

At Metro Moving Company, we know money doesn't grow on trees. We are regular people with bills and tiny mouths to feed, too. In the services industry, time is money, and the longer it takes to get the job done, the deeper into your pockets you have to reach. So we want to share these quick, money-saving tips that will keep your final invoice low on moving day:

  1. Empty dresser drawers. While we can easily move full dressers, clothing makes them heavier and harder to maneuver. Any extra time is money you did not have to spend.

  2. Gain parking access/ permission from security beforehand, or at least know where we can legally park upon arrival to both locations. Nothing will slow your move down more than a tow truck!

  3. Move all boxes to the downstairs front room nearest the exit. If you can't quite lift boxes, simply pull them away from the walls for quicker access. Every precious second means coins back in your family's piggy bank.

  4. Reserve your building's elevator, if applicable and possible. Do you know that feeling when you are in a hurry to get out of the elevator, and it stops on what seems like every floor? Now imagine that while carrying a dresser.

  5. Know where you want things. This may sound strange, but at Metro Moving Company, we ensure you are happy with the placement of all your large items before concluding the move. We would hate for you to injure yourself rearranging after we've left. We will happily move furniture as many times as it takes for you to be happy, but thinking about this ahead of time may help cut down on the trial and error.

Our method is quickly, efficiently, and safely. Save time wherever possible, because time is our customer's money. We respect your hard earned dollars, and will do everything we can to save you money on your metro Atlanta move.

Moving Sucks! But it doesn't have to break the bank.

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